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We develop and inspire people in the world-wide field of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) who want to explore, experiment, extend and enrich their skills to acquire expertise, mastery and artistry in NLP

About PPD Learning

Who are we?

PPD Learning is proud to be one of the first, pioneering Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) training companies in the UK, and to have made a major contribution to the global development and  dissemination of innovative, high-standards NLP.

Since the mid 1980s we have been known throughout the NLP world for our intellectually curious, experiential, developmental, skills-based programmes, including our full-curriculum, integrated Practitioner and Master Practitioner courses.

We have worked to deserve and maintain our excellent reputation for quality and integrity.

Brief History of the Company

PPD Learning Ltd was originally called  'PACE' and was founded by David Gaster, a close friend of John Grinder, with whom he created the core structure and values of the 'PPD' courses. Our Practitioner programmes from the late 1980s have also included many learning activities from  'New Code NLP' as developed by John Grinder and Judy DeLozier.

The company  became 'Pace Personal Development' when Julian Russell became a joint owner and trainer, and then just 'PPD' under his sole management. Dave Crisp then owned the company and it became 'PPD Personal Development' with Judith Lowe as the Training Director.

Judith Lowe, a core trainer in all of the 'PPD' companies since the early 1990s, became the owner, Managing Director, and Principle Trainer in 2003, and has continued to evolve, enrich and extend our courses and to support, encourage and inspire our community.

International Training Team

Over the decades, our training team and international guests teachers have been a world-class line up of many of the key developers in the NLP field - including Robert Dilts, Judy DeLozier, Charles Faulkner, David Gordon, Chris Hall, Steven Gilligan, Lara Ewing and Joseph O' Connor. We have also enjoyed, in the past, the distinction of having had John Grinder, the co-developer of NLP, co-sign our certificates for nearly 30 years.

We are extremely  privileged to include these superb trainers' models, research and spirit into our trainings and history.

Our NLP Style

Our NLP style offers integrated approaches from all the major NLP schools who offer Systemic, New Code and contemporary versions of NLP which correspond to, and are validated by parallel developments in modern neuroscience, cognitive linguistics, applied psychology and emotional intelligence (EQ) research in leadership, training and coaching. We have also been deeply influenced by Gregory Bateson's approaches to learning, change and communication in living systems.

Wisdom of the Body - NLP 'in the Muscle'

Also unique to our style - David Gaster was a Feldenkrais teacher, Judy DeLozier first introduced dance into NLP and then developed Somatic Syntax with Robert Dilts, Charles Faulkner was one of the first NLP trainers to read and integrate practically the 'Embodied Philosophy'  and metaphor research from Lakoff and Johnson.

With Judith Lowe's background in theatre and as a  longtime student  in Alexander Technique, PPD  Learning has always promoted the 'Wisdom of the Body' as essential to self-development and NLP practice.

Calibration, grace, ecology

Mindfulness and expressiveness of movement, awareness in sensing and seeing, subtlety in the tonal and linguistic, sensitivity in relationship, and graceful, feedback-driven, ecological, behavioural flexibility are core to our company style of NLP.

Community, supported learning

Also core is our personal support, warmth and friendship offered to all our clients and students as they acquire these sophisticated and challenging tools and skills.

Our courses and events

Our courses and events are focussed at the level of Mastery and Artistry in NLP, and we offer a unique and creative pathway of lifelong learning to trainers, coaches and professionals in all fields.

It has been our role, mission and achievement to exemplify what generative, systemic NLP practice can be, and to design programmes and events to support our students and clients to acquire the tools, skills and approaches of a sane, ethical, workable and integrated NLP.

We are currently offering post-practitioner courses, designed to further integrate, extend and enrich skills techniques and modelling.

Modelling with NLP

Modelling is the methodology at the heart of NLP and requires a core, multi-level skill set.

We integrate modelling into many activities and in many ways, throughout our courses. We were one of the first NLP institutes to teach modelling and have students successfully design and complete their own modelling projects. Our Modelling Mastery pathway is a rich and generative one, allowing people to create their own NLP tools and techniques for change and best performance.

Passion in Action

'Passion in Action - Social Change with NLP'  is a unique and inspiring project developed by Judy DeLozier and Judith Lowe to offer a 'home',  tools and a community to people who want to use their NLP to make a difference for good in the world, locally or globally.

The programme is usually for three days and focuses on leadership skills, project development skills and  team skills.

We include 'live' modelling and a range of creativity and problem solving approaches.

NLP Means Business

We custom-design and successfully run in-house, corporate NLP trainings and Executive Coaching sessions. 

And Post Practitioner - learning, development, integration,  generative practice.

Learning NLP is a lifetime's work!

We are committed to creating innovative, world class, post-practitioner training, inspiration and support.

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