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The PPD Learning Practice Group Book: The Special Guest Sessions

By Judith Lowe with forewords by Robert Dilts and Judith Delozier

  • 11 Chapters from 10 authors on subjects ranging from Resilience, Negation skills, Intimate Relationships, Alpha Leadership, The Meta-Model, Coaching, Creativity, Study Skills and More

  • Included in the book is the manual from our 'Introducing NLP' 7 day programme with sections on What is NLP, Rapport, Calibration, Perceptual Positions, Representational Systems, Predicates, Submodalities, Accessing Cues, States & Anchoring, Frames and Reframing, Well Formed Outcomes, The Meta Model, The T.O.T.E model, Timelines and Neurological Levels

  • A great introductory guide to the field of NLP and will interest and inspire beginners as well as seasoned practitioners 

  • New models, ideals and solutions for everyday issues with an expert NLP coach in every chapter to guide you step-by step through the processes. 

It is with great pleasure that we can announce the launch of our first book: 'The PPD Learning Practice Group Book: The Special Guest Sessions'. 

With forwards from Robert Dilts and Judith Delozier and chapters from Dido Fisher, Paddy Bergin, Anne Deering, Juliet Grayson, Lynne Cooper, Simon Horton, Chris Howell, Judith Lowe, Jonathan Goldsmith & Muriel McClymont, this book represents our ongoing contribution to the field of NLP and our commitment and ethos of practice being at the heart of what we feel the NLP that we champion at PPD Learning should be about! 

We feel that it is an amazing reflection of the history and heritage at PPD Learning that all of the contributors have been at one time students of ours. It makes us incredibly proud that our community can represent the diversity of topics covered within the book. 

All the contributors are experts in their own application areas and experienced in advanced NLP. They share their stories, their models and some of their tips for success making each chapter a uniquely fascinating exploration of a particular topic. 

We have also included in the book our 'Introduction to NLP' manual which represents the first 7 days of our practitioner training. This, in and of itself, is an amazing resource for anyone looking to review the foundations of NLP and includes sections on the T.O.T.E model, calibration, rapport, pacing and leading, perceptual positions, frames and reframing, well formed outcomes, timelines, the Meta Model and much more.

We hope that you enjoy reading it as much as we have enjoyed producing it! 

What's inside the book:

  • Foreword by Robert Dilts 
  • Foreword by Judith Delozier 
  • Introduction by Judith Lowe 
  • Build Your Resilience by Muriel McClymont 
  • Negotiation Skills by Simon Horton 
  • Unravelling Complexities: Tidying up our intimate relationships by Juliet Grayson 
  • Alpha Leadership by Anne Deering 
  • Exploring Other Worlds by Dido Fisher 
  • Zen in The Art of The NLP Meta Model by Judith Lowe 
  • The Five-Minute Coach by Lynne Cooper 
  • Finding Work Through Relationships by Christopher Howell 
  • Be More Creative by Jonathan Goldsmith 
  • Study Skills for All Ages and All Occasions by Paddy Bergin
  • NLP in the Wild by Judith Lowe 
  • Appendix A: Running a Successful Practice Group 
  • Appendix B: The PPD Learning 'Introducing NLP' Manual Appendix C: Resources & Bibliography 
  • Appendix D: PPD Learning - NLP Training 
  • Appendix E: Passion In Action - Social Change with NLP

What people have been saying about this book:

“Well, done, Judith - What a fantastic collaborative book, gathering ideas and exercises for Practice Group facilitators to delve into and enjoy…there must be at least a year’s worth of material for Practice Group meetings contained in this gem of a book.
We are great advocates of Practice Groups…after all, becoming an NLP Practitioner is a little like passing one’s driving test – the real practice starts once the test has been passed! So we are delighted to support any venture which provides additional resources for Practice Groups around the UK…and beyond.”
Karen Moxom
Managing Director ANLP

The NLP Practice Group Book is for organisers of NLP Practice Groups as well as coaches/therapists, managers, educators and individuals who benefit from self-directed learning. There is wealth of knowledge to be had from each chapter written by a specialist in the field. These demonstrate the diverse richness of NLP applied to topics that affect us all. And the numerous activities provided will support you to go beyond understanding to embodying the experience. Having run NLP Practice groups for many years, we know the difference this book can make to those who seek a path to mastery. It is a genuine contribution to an important area of NLP that is seldom put in the spotlight.
Penny Tompkins and James Lawley
Authors, Metaphors in Mind: Transformation Through Symbolic Modeling

“This book is such a brilliant idea. It introduces, highlights and captures the ethos, essence and contribution of a successful NLP Practice Group to participants. It is an inspirational, practical and rich resourceof ‘How to run a session in a nutshell’ with subjects, learning objectives and exercise guidance clearly laid out and explained. Guest speakers generously share their personal expertise, around a breadth of subjects and contexts, that can be introduced and immediately utilised to enhance the learning and application of NLP in different contexts.”
Henrietta Laitt
Richmond NLP Group

The NLP Practice Group Book from Judith Lowe and PPD Learning is a wonderful and inspirational contribution to all the big and small practice groups out there helping to keep the spirit of curiosity and learning alive. All of the articles are beautifully framed and explained, the exercises produce measurable and meaningful outputs, and work with all levels of skills and experience. In short they fit perfectly into the typical practice group structure of a few hours dedicated to NLP every so many weeks, come one come all. Viewed as a whole they demonstrate the depth and breadth we can reach with simple NLP ideas and tools and will motivate and inspire groups everywhere to create, to model, to share - to practise.
Sean Owen-Moylan
Co-creator Cardiff NLP Practice Group

I really enjoyed reading this book of authentic richness. It is engaging, easy to read and unpretentious. None of these writers pretend to be gurus, they are just ordinary people dedicated to applying NLP to cope with the complexities of living in the 21st Century. They have shared their own learnings and experiences with other practitioners and doubtless have already added value to the lives of many. Now they are taking the opportunity to share further, through a differentmedium, whilst adding value to, and expanding the field of NLP.
They gently take on a challenge, which anyone involved in facilitating NLP faces whether they realise it or not, and that is how to develop the field. The originators are a small and ageing group; new and creative work generated collaboratively, by modelling those early methods and sharing applicationsis urgently required and here we have a sound contribution frommotivated and genuine people, who have honed their craft as a team whilst keeping their individuality through diverse offerings.
I recommend this book to anyone interested in ‘being’ human – whether from business, health, education or sport we can all learn from these reflections.
Dr Sally Vanson
Executive Coach and Director of NLP based post graduate programmes

I am enjoying savouring the chapters.  I really relish this display of ‘feminine’ NLP at work and it is a pleasure to immerse myself with people who share my values of relationship.  A lovely collection and it does speak so well of your work and efforts of the last mumble mumble number of years. You should feel well proud.
Fran Burgess
Author of The Bumper Bundle Book of Modelling and The NLP Cookbook

What I love about this book is the way that Judith and the contributors are able to be both transformational and highly rigorous at the same time. To become an NLP Maestro, just like becoming a concert pianist, requires a dedicated approach - I am sure you’ll find the way within these pages!
Robbie Steinhouse
The NLP School and Author of How to Coach with NLP


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