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Mastery and Artistry in NLP

We develop and inspire people in the world-wide field of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) who want to explore, experiment, extend and enrich their skills to acquire expertise, mastery and artistry in NLP

These films are taken from our 2016 Leadership and Mentoring Programme and our certified NLP Trainers Training, which ran from January - November 2016.

These films are not training films in their own right, rather we have put them here so that you can see what kind of topics and conversations Judith and Jonathan have with the group over the course of this developmental and experiential programme. Many of these films are taken from our last module, and the group, who are Practitioners and Master Practitioners had  previously trained together for 8 days. So,  In these films Judith and the group  have a shared conversation and background in NLP. 

These are not meant to be end to end training films, they are meant to be a window into what you could experience if you join the course for yourself in 2017. We hope that that you enjoy them! 

If you would like to upgrade or review your NLP skills please visit either or NLP Skills Film Page, our NLP Meta Model Films Page or our Masterclass Event Film Page instead


The Leadership and Mentoring Programme March - June 2017

The Certified NLP Trainers Training  2017

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