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The Judith Lowe and PPD Learning NLP Trainer Certification 2017

September 16th - November 19th 2017

 Only £1000+VAT for 6 extra days of workshop and training plus the certification.

Judith Lowe invited you to take part in our 2017 Trainers Training
In this film Judith Lowe discusses what our certified NLP Trainers Training involves. She discusses our Leadership and Mentoring Programme which is the prerequisite to join this Trainers Training. We then have two further modules, one on NLP skills and one on Presence and Presentation skills
In this film Judith Lowe discusses the new types of woprkshops, Masterclasses and events we are running, including our flagship Leadership and Mentoring Programme and our certified Trainers Training


Prerequisite –At the moment participation on this course is only open to participants on our Leadership and Mentoring Programme as places on both courses are strictly limited!  

During the Mentoring and Leadership programme participants will be encouraged to identify and progress technical and personal aspects of training and presentation for their goals and projects.

For more information on the Leadership and Mentoring programme click here

There are 2 additional modules and some individualised coursework for people wishing to attain this PPD Learning NLP Trainers Certificate.

The PPD Learning Ltd NLP Trainer’s certificate is recognised by the ANLP and conforms to UK standards for professional practice and ethics. The certificate will be signed by Judith Lowe.

The 2 modules are designed to promote competence, confidence and congruence in training systemic NLP, as well as to encourage integrity, warm-heartedness, emotional intelligence and personal creativity in your practice.

  •  The first module is a general, training skills programme that is also aimed at anyone wanting to take their training and presentation skills to the next level.
  • The second module is NLP specific and aims to offer an intensive course content review and update for NLP Practitioner and Master Practitioner programmes. It will include modelling with NLP and insights and materials into certificate level assessments and feedback.

The assessment for certification may include some written work and some video presentations to be produced  after the second module.

Module 1 – Developing Your Training Skills  (3 Days)

September 16th, 17th & 18th 2017

The key framework in training is the T.O.T.E model approach – identifying goals and evidences and working flexibly with a group in an outcome oriented, feedback-driven way.

 In this intensive ‘Train the Trainer’ module you will;

  • ·      Complete a detailed, multi-level needs analysis on your training skills
  • ·      Clarify your vision, mission, ambition and personal style as a trainer
  • ·      Expand your understanding of learning styles and learning issues
  • ·      Experiment with design principles for experiential learning activities, course curriculum and structure, and assessment
  • ·      Learn more about managing and creating group energy and dynamics
  • ·      Learn how to offer quality demonstrations of techniques and models
  • ·      Learn the secrets of inspirational public speaking and presenting

Module 2 – Review, Renew and Upgrade Your NLP Practice  (3 Days)

November 18th, 19th & 20th 2017

 This module offers a very intensive NLP Practitioner and Master Practitioner Course that focuses on key principles, tools and skills.

The programme will include so-called Classic, New Code and 3rd Generation NLP approaches.

The curriculum for this module will include;

  • Outcomes and Problems – Well Formedness Conditions
  •  Values and Beliefs – Belief Change Formats
  • Meta Model, Milton Model, Meta Programmes
  •  Frames and Reframing
  •  Relationships and Perceptual Positions
  •  Effective Communication and Influence
  •  States, Anchoring, High Performance
  •  Timelines and Time Frames
  •  Representational Systems, VAK, Submodalities
  •  Presuppositions of NLP
  • Feedback and Multi Level Learning
  • Modelling with NLP - Modelling Tools and Skills
  •  Ecology and Systemic Approaches to Change

The programme will also demonstrate how NLP ‘works’ and reveal it’s continuing value, in terms of NLP’s unique approaches to problem solving and change.

Cost and Payment Options:

Book this course together with the Leadership and Mentoring Programme and save £600

Leadership and Mentoring Programme + NLP Trainer Certification Payment in Full:

The combined price will be £4000+VAT (saving you £600 off of the combined price)

Leadership and Mentoring Programme + NLP Trainer Certification Payment by Instalments:

Book your place  with a £700 deposit and then 10 payments of £350 +VAT (Total Payment of £4200+VAT)  (saving you £600 off of the combined price)

If you book the course before February 2017 and would like to spread the costs even more then or If you would like to discuss any of the payment options with us please email: judith@judithlowe.com

Films taken from our 2016 Trainers Training

In this film taken from our November 2016 Masterclass 'Bringing Presence to your Presentations with NLP', Judith Lowe explains Robert Dilts' Neurological Levels Model
In this film taken from our NLP Trainers Training Judith Lowe discusses what it is to have presence. The group then explore what presence means to them out in the world.
In this Film taken from our November Masterclass event Judith Lowe explains the NLP T.O.T.E model. She discusses how this is applied to learning in businesses and organisations as well as discussing how you can use this in your presentations

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