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The NLP Leadership Summit: Free downloadable Ebook "Powered by NLP"

'Powered by NLP’: Reflections and Future Developments of NLP

I hope you love this very positive and fascinating collection of personal essays and professional articles written by NLP Leadership summit members. We had such an inspiring and lively weekend together in sunny Alicante in January (2016) and this book shares our key ideas, passions and discussions about the practice and the future of NLP.

My own short reflection piece is  ‘Associating with the Welders’ in which I praise the simple virtues of ‘hanging out’ with your colleagues and suggest ways that we might formalize and leverage these types of collective intelligence approaches to further enrich and expand the field.

There are also great chapters by Michael Hall, Heidi Heron, Lucas Derks, Lisa de Rijk, Joe Cheal, Karl Nielson and more..

To find out more about our vision and mission for NLP visit www.nlpleadershipsummit.org and read some of our work on ethics, values, definitions and standards.

Thanks to Joe Cheal for turning an idea into an actual book.  

I’d love to hear your feedback!


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