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We develop and inspire people in the world-wide field of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) who want to explore, experiment, extend and enrich their skills to acquire expertise, mastery and artistry in NLP

Interview with Nina Runa Essendrop, our guest artist for our June 30th 2018 workshop.

Interview with our guest artist Nina Runa Essendrop a Danish LARP designer and performance artist who has spent the majority of her life exploring the world through live-action role play. Her LARPs focus on investigating the basic sensory experiences and human emotions that are so common in our everyday lives, yet are so often pushed aside in favor of more rational ideas and actions. Favoring abstract soundscapes over words or dialogue, she encourages her performers and audiences to experience both the joys and sorrows of living through play as a way of preparing for real life outside the theater.

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Leadership, resilience and kindness in troubled times

Leadership, resilience and kindness in troubled times.


How skillful, systemic NLP tools and approaches can help us.


Like many people in the UK I’m still in shock and disbelief at the results of our referendum, the collapse of our economy and political system, and the rise of racism and hate crimes on our streets.


 PPD Learning has always been an international training company with many students, clients, friends and colleagues from all over the world and especially in Europe. We value diversity and community.  Our vision and mission relate to social change, peace and justice in the world. 

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Judith Lowe and PPD Learning Summer 2015 Newsletter

Judith Lowe & PPD Learning Summer 2015 Newsletter: NLP in Practice workshop with Dido Fisher, plus the launch of our NLP Trainer Training and our new Leadership and Mentoring programme for advanced NLP Practice, for Practitioners, Master Practitioners, Trainers, Coaches & Therapists

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We’re always communicating! – a brief, classic guide to being effective

In NLP we say ‘You cannot not communicate.’ – which comes originally from the philosophical and experimental  research by Bateson, Watzlawick, Jackson, Beavin Bavelas  et al, as they attempted to describe the indescribable – the interactional patterns, pathologies and paradoxes and what they called the ‘pragmatics’ of human communication.

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If Someone’s P*ssing You Off With Their NLP (and didn’t mean to) – is it NLP?

The foundation of NLP in practice is surely a fundamental emotional intelligence.

This tends to be coded at its simplest, in basic NLP terms, as rapport, calibration and state.

However, sometimes this seems to denote only a purely technical and instrumental procedure prior to committing NLP on someone!

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Enjoy Public Speaking with NLP -The 2 Biggest Fears (in 3 parts)*

Part 1. “Making a fool of myself”

Reframing and The Inner Game of Performance

Though at first, this advice may not seem specially super helpful, I think it’s only fair to point out that, depending on what you mean by “making” and “fool” ,  it happens.  We can sometimes actually get it wrong, we can…

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