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Transformational Conversations: NLP Coaching with Impact and Influence

Saturday 8th June and Sunday 9th June 

Regent's University London

£325+VAT (Early bird price £275 + vat)

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Here’s a full and exciting 2-day intensive language programme for everyone who wants to use their words more effectively and influentially.

This new and unique course is for professional communicators, especially coaches, consultants, therapists, trainers and anyone who is in a role where what you say,and how you sayit can deeply impact and influence others. 

It will also be a truly enlightening refresher for anyone who wants to brush up and recharge their NLP communication best practices.

“Learning about language is a form of mindfulness. It’s a form of modelling. It’s a way to help us choose our words with care and kindness.”

We’ll be drawing from the rich field of contemporary cognitive linguistics that is also the core part of the NLP toolkit;

The Meta Model – questioning and updating assumptions and beliefs

The Milton Model – working with the unconscious to access dormant resources

Sleight of Mouth – framing and re-framing, creating meaning

Meta-Programmes – exploring habitual perceptual filters and patterns

Metaphor – the images and analogies we use

Words can sometimes hurt and harm, and words can also heal and inspire.

How you talk to yourself and how you talk with other people really matters for mental health and well being. Our words create our experience, they direct and filter our attention, they impact and generate our emotions. Even casual everyday conversation co-constructs the reality that leads to our choices and actions.

In this 2-day intensive practical, interactive  ‘wordshop’ we’ll be discovering how powerful ‘neuro-linguistics’ from the field of NLP can help to suggest and to reinforce a healthy, realistic sense of the possibilities of life, and a ‘felt’, honest experience of personal capacity and potential.

• You’ll learn how to listen in on your own problematic internal dialogue and make it more useful and friendly. 

• You’ll learn how to pick up on key words and phrases that are preventing people from being at their best, and conversationally lead in new directions with them.

• You’ll learn how to respond effectively as a friend, a mentor, a coach when people have tough problems and stuck feelings.

All levels of know-how and experience with NLP language patterns are welcome. The learning exercises are designed to be useful and accessible to every participant. 

“I like to make the process of exploring these cognitive patterns as relevant, lively, human and fun as possible.”

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