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One Day Masterclass: From Stress to Resilience; Transformational belief change with NLP

  • Avonmouth House Avonmouth Street London, England, SE1 6NX United Kingdom (map)

In this new masterclass we will explore the beliefs and cognitive patterns that stop us from being at our best in challenging situations and troubled times. 

We’ll discover the frameworks and tools that enable us instead to be more generative, resourceful, intuitive and kind.

How can we keep ourselves sane and functioning when things are difficult or painful or seem without solutions?

And how can we even go beyond that, and be creative, systemic and visionary?

This one day new course will include;

  • Identifying and challenging hidden assumptions in problem thinking
  • Working with patterns of personal resilience and learning
  • Accessing and strengthening the inner resources to achieve goals
  • Establishing a framework for authentic self-efficacy and motivation
  • Transforming perspectives for generative change with real-world results

This one day programme is aimed at coaches, therapists and NLP practitioners at all levels.

Find out how to be more constructive and resourceful, even in times of trouble and crisis.

Explore how to make seemingly intractable situations more workable and liveable.

Sometimes when things are going badly we contract and react, narrow our options and go into survival mode. We start to run automatic default patterns of thought and then become fearful, stressed, disappointed or angry. Or even frozen and passive and unable to function adequately.

There are many NLP tools and approaches that help people genuinely to transform the quality and range of their choices in the face of challenging situations. 

Helping people explore and experience new cognitive frameworks and perspectives allows them to trigger new insights and possible solutions.

In particular there are specific types of beliefs about the world and about ourselves that impact how motivated we will be to seek solutions and to persevere, and to be resilient in the face of setbacks. These specific types of beliefs are often concerned with our sense of what is possible and our sense of our own capacity for learning.

One of the fundamental working assumptions across all therapeutic and coaching models is the idea that ‘the map is not the territory’.  In other words we often don’t really know what’s possible in a situation, as our own habits of mind have already formed an inflexible version of events. We can find we have locked ourselves into a rigid worldview with no way out.

In this one-day masterclass, as well as the NLP coach’s tools like the Meta Model and the Reframing patterns for conversational change, we will draw on some of the contemporary research on cognitive bias and on self-efficacy beliefs.

The models and tools of NLP contain answers to enquiries and questions into how we have the experiences we have. Of course there is a real, tangible outside world in which many people have problems, not of their choosing, at a day to day survival level. However our thoughts and worldview also contribute to our meaning-making and to our ability to make the right kind of sense of our circumstances to ourselves.  How can we make sense of our experience in such a way that it wakes us up to the untapped potential in a situation and a bigger kind of life.

So possible solutions are not formulaic or a specific set of techniques, but consist of an informed and structured enquiry into what’s holding our world too stable or stuck.

This will be a practical day of personal and professional development.  It will be a friendly and interactive training experience with demonstrations and activities designed for everyone to enjoy and benefit from.

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