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Judith Lowe at the NLP Conference 'Coaching at Identity Level with NLP'

Human beings are wired to learn and adapt at multi-levels. We naturally thrive and evolve in changing and challenging times. Sometimes, though we get stuck, seem to lose ourselves, feel we don’t fit any more and don’t deserve better and are somehow unprepared and lacking in a deeply personal way. We want to grow, grow up even, and expand our sense of who we are, of our place in the world, our mission and vision. In this advanced, practical and experiential session, we’ll explore how to work with these systemic and complex processes of healing and renewal.


NLP approaches have many connections with mainstream psychology in this area, including research in ‘post-traumatic growth’ and central concepts in contemporary neuro-psychology that humans are ‘embodied’ and ‘embedded’.


Working with your ‘shadow’, with stories and metaphors, and learning to re-calibrate survival responses, can help you reconnect with your potential and with your strengths, joy and direction in life.


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