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Jonathan Goldsmith at the Richmond NLP Practice Group

  • Vestry Hall Paradise Road, Richmond, Surrey TW9 1SA United Kingdom (map)

Jonathan has been invited to speak at the Richmond NLP Practice Group.

Details of the event is below:

NLP in Practice: Be More Creative!

Venue: Vestry Hall, Paradise Road, Richmond, Surrey TW9 1SA

Price: £15 on the door

To book your place please email: henrietta@richmondnlpgroup.org.uk


NLP tools and technology are now commonplace in the coaching, therapy, education, health and business worlds. In fact NLP is often taught to be specifically utilised as either a coaching tool, a way of being more effective in business, or as a communication model. NLP is less known in the field of music, food and entertainment.

Jonathan Goldsmith is a Psychotherapist, coach and NLP Trainer who has specialised in using NLP in the field of creativity. He runs workshops under the name Be More Creative and has written on the links between Psychotherapy and Creativity, as well as running NLP events on modelling the creative process.

In 2016 he began working with a multi-disciplinary artist Ysanne Spevack on a project called “YNTEGRITY”.  YNTEGRITY is an immersive experience, exploring consciousness cross-modality via all five senses in tandem. The concept is to create something that is greater than the sum of its parts and has parallels with Robert Dilts’ work on Collective Intelligence and his concept of ‘a holon’.

YNTEGRITY is designed as a series of events in which all five senses are explored with music and food as the foundation. YNTEGRITY combines music and food with art, psychology, neuroscience, technology, fragrance and choreography partners and through the work with Jonathan: NLP, Generative Change and Eriksonian Hypnosis.

In September this year, the first project from YNTEGRITY was realised in New York at an event called: “Cacao in E Major; An Immersive Feast of Chocolate Synesthesia in 5 Verses for 5 Senses”.

Jonathan worked alongside Ysanne during the months leading up to this event right through to the actual performance, on exploring how to direct and curate the participants journey. This included designing and running a workshop with for the performers taking part in the event in September. 

At the Richmond Practice Group, Jonathan will discuss his work on this project. He will deconstruct the processes that he used on this project, so you can see how the NLP in this project was applied from the event itself and in the preceding months leading up to it. Jonathan will also demonstrate with you a number of the NLP processes that he designed for this project so you can experience them for yourself. 

You will get the chance to see how by layering and combining the principles and skills that NLP is based upon you can create something unique out in the world, in order to inspire your NLP practice back into what ever field you use it in.

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