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Generative Coaching with Robert Dilts and Stephen Gilligan

Judith Lowe & PPD Learning working in partnership with the NLP School

Judith Lowe & PPD Learning working in partnership with the NLP School

Judith Lowe and Robbie Steinhouse are proud to sponsor the UK program of this radical new coaching method developed and present by Robert Dilts and Stephen Gilligan.

Robert Dilts is regarded by many as the leading thinker in Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP). He is the founder of NLP University in Santa Cruz and creator of development tools such as the Hero’s Journey, the Disney Model, Reimprinting and the Logical Levels. 

Stephen Gilligan was mentored by both Milton Erickson and Gregory Bateson, and is generally regarded as the person who has done the most to develop Erickson’s ideas and practices in ways that are both creative but true to the original spirit. 

To be ‘generative’ means to create results that have never existed before: it is what entrepreneurs, artists, philosophers and inspirational leaders do. Generative Coaching is a set of tools for working with clients to enable them to discover and harness this extraordinary power within themselves. It enables clients to transcend problems rather than just ‘sort’ them, and to move on to new, previously unimagined levels of creativity in both their personal and professional lives. Unlike conventional coaching, Generative Coaching welcomes crises and threats to identity and works with them, treating them as golden opportunities for deep personal change.

The course is perfect for coaches or therapists seeking to upgrade their skills; for HR or related professionals in ambitious organisations keen to get the best from their people; for anyone trained in NLP who wants to discover where the discipline is headed and to study with its two most original and inspirational thinkers. Lastly it provides what we believe is the most powerful methodology for professional coaching available today.

Watch Robert Dilts and Stephen Gilligan discuss Generative Coaching:


Course details

  • The course runs for 15 days, spread out over four bi-monthly modules to ensure optimum learning. The venue is Regents University, conveniently situated in central London’s beautiful Regents Park.

  • The cost is £3,950 plus VAT


The Generative Coaching Certificate Program consists of four Modules of intensive study, 15 days in total, spread over eight months.

Module 1: 3 – 5 November 2018 with Robert Dilts & Stephen Gilligan
Module 2: 12 – 15 January 2019 with Stephen Gilligan
Module 3: 12 – 15 April 2019 with Robert Dilts
Module 4: 18 -21 May 2019 with Robert Dilts & Stephen Gilligan

Course Contents

Module 1 with Robert Dilts and Stephen Gilligan

In Module 1 we will establish how Generative Coaching differs from traditional coaching methods and explore how to create the conditions that support generative change through the four stages of generative coaching:

  • Preparation

  • Shifting state

  • Transformation

  • Integration into ordinary reality.

Participants will also learn strategies for helping themselves and others be more centred, grounded, aligned and connected with the source of their resources. This module will also explore principles and practices for mastering the “inner game”. Some topic areas include:

  • Large C and small c coaching

  • Creating conditions for generative change

  • Third generation NLP and self-relations: Working with the somatic, cognitive and field minds

  • The three levels of consciousness: primitive, ego, generative

  • The journey of the generative self

  • Developing the “inner game”

  • Deep structure and surface structure

  • Ego and soul

  • Survival strategies

  • Skills of sponsorship

  • Grounding, centering and aligning yourself

  • COACHing versus CRASHing

  • Archetypal energies

  • Generating new choices through archetypal energies


Module 2 with Stephen Giligan

In Module 2 we will explore the impact of different levels of learning on generative change. Participants will discover some of the factors that limit or prevent generative change and how to transform internal blocks, symptoms and resistances. A key focus will be on the role of beliefs in both enriching and inhibiting generative change. Topics to be covered include:

  • Levels of learning and change

  • Levels of support for learning and change

  • Managing your energy

  • Knowing yourself

  • Discovering your area of excellence

  • Identity level elicitation process

  • Exploring your vision, mission and ambition

  • The influence of holding environments

  • Gathering the resources necessary to hold difficult feelings

  • Belief barriers and belief bridges

  • Transforming blocked states

  • Working with Richard Moss’ Mandala of Being™

  • Perceptual positions

  • The “Meta Mirror” format

  • Gabrielle Roth’s 5 Rhythms®

  • Generative NLP format.

Module 3 with Robert Dilts

Module 3 will focus on specific skills for helping clients to achieve their goals. Topics include:

  • The five focuses of generative coaching

  • The three positive connections: centering, positive intention, resources

  • Using self-scaling to develop and sustain optimal states of being

  • Installing positive futures

  • Creative acceptance and transformation of problems

  • Multiple techniques for centering

  • The structure and skill of “creative flow” in work and self

  • Generative intention and generative attention: an unbeatable combination

  • Integrating somatic, cognitive, and field minds into generative self.

Module 4 with Robert Dilts and Stephen Gilligan

Module 4 will cover issues related to growth and evolution at the identity level. We will explore methods and practices for enriching and sustaining generative change and integrating our wounds and “shadows”. Participants will learn strategies for mapping and understanding key areas of change in the lives of themselves and their clients. They will master tools that help people to successfully navigate times of crisis and transition. Some key topics will include:

  • Superposition and shadows

  • Identification and our “idealized self”

  • Sponsoring our shadows

  • Reconciling inner conflicts

  • The identity matrix

  • Generating a “second skin”

  • Letting go of limiting beliefs and stories through the “Tetralemma”

  • Developing daily self-care and self-generative practices

  • The Hero’s Journey applied to work life.

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