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Essential Leadership Skills in a Changing World

Saturday 13th July and Sunday 14th July 

Regent's University London




In this exciting 2-day programme we will focus on leading-edge developmental tools that promote essential aspects of effective, systemic leadership.

This new and unique course is for professional coaches, consultants, therapists, trainers and anyone who is in a leadership role, personal or professional, which can deeply impact and influence others.

Creativity as a leader – purpose, direction and generative collaboration 

These approaches, skills and tools will allow you to:

  • manage yourself as a leader in a mindful and emotionally intelligent way

  • be more stable, balanced, resilient and welcoming of difficult feelings

  • bring presence and congruence to important leadership moments

  • deeply engage with and involve others inside of a cooperative framework

  • bring out the best in those around you, help people connect to their resources

Enriching your conceptual and behavioural choices will also enable you to:

  • think systemically about problem issues and situations

  • find direction and clear sense of purpose

  • communicate effectively to all parts of the system

  • leverage the collective intelligence of the group or team

  • generate new types of solutions and models

  • access and maintain states of creative flow

  • move from surviving to thriving

  • be more awake, aware and able to learn, adapt and grow

We’ll be working with some new tools and ideas from Robert Dilts’ and Stephen Gilligan’s ‘Generative Change’ approach, as well as core NLP skills and expertise, including models from ‘3rd Generation NLP’.

This involves developing skills with the somatic mind, the cognitive mind and the ‘field’ mind. 

Leadership and Self-Leadership

We express our leadership whenever;

  • we want to motivate others

  • we want to set an example

  • we want to communicate a sense of direction and purpose

  • we want to provide the energy for change and help solve problems 

Self-leadership involves self-care and an emotionally mature attitude to our own well-being.

In times of uncertainty and complexity we can become anxious and destabilized by fears of the unknown and by dealing with change and perceived loss. We can lose our creative connection to people and lose sight of the opportunities for positive learning and growth. 

How can we maintain focus, balance and wisdom when situations are challenging?

How can we develop our capacity for empathy and generosity to others? 

How can we leverage our shared, collective resources to find new directions and solutions?

Whole-systems consciousness is the awareness that we live in a ‘field’ of living relationships and of dynamic interconnectedness. 

How can we develop this kind of systemic thinking to help us respond more constructively and creatively to challenges?

Bring your leadership questions and issues, both personal and professional, to this practical, experiential, and developmental programme.

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