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Effective Public Speaking

Saturday 9th February and Sunday 10th February 

Regent's University London

£325+VAT (Early bird price £275 + vat)

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Speak Up! Speak Out! Find Your Voice! 

Being able to speak up, have a voice and express your ideas when you are with other people is a pretty essential life skill. The best speakers are always learning more about this underlying skillset – the ‘secret sauce’ of effective communication.They also think of this ability as an art form in itself, to be explored and enhanced, over a lifetime.

  • What makes a compelling and motivational speaker and presenter?

  • How do excellent speakers prepare to be at their best?

  • How do great trainers and speakers really get their message across?

Enjoy Public Speaking with Presence, Poise, Energy and Vision

  • Enhance your voice, your style and your presence

  • Deal realistically and positively with inner doubts and fears

  • Learn effective tools for communication with any audience

  • Express your purpose, core values and key messages

  • Transform limiting beliefs, create new choices

The ‘Preparation-Presentation- Review’Model

  • The magic of focused, intelligent preparation

  • The ‘Inner Game’ of presentation – being centred and open

  • The non-verbal art of presentation – your movement and gestures

  • Theatre skills for speakers – extend your emotional range

  • Creative design – purpose-led chunking and sequencing

  • Essential checklists and memory strategies

  • Constructive feedback, learning and review process

  • Confidence in handling challenging audiences

  • Ready for anything, enjoying the moment

A programme designed for everyone!

Whether you are confident and experienced or you are shy and new to public speaking this is a full, active programme specially designed to encourage presenters and communicators at all levels. 

Through clear, accessible activities this programme will build on your skills and knowledge and build up your capacity and confidence to speak in any situation.

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