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Working with Stress and Anxiety: A Modelling and Mindfulness Approach

Saturday 23rd March and Sunday 24th March 

Regent's University London

£325+VAT (Early bird price £275 + vat)



In this new 2-day Masterclass we will be exploring in practical ways how to develop both short term and longer-term approaches to transforming ‘stress’ responses and emotionally reactive patterns. 

Mindfulness approaches are related to bringing awareness to the moment-by-moment process of experience.

Modelling is about finding out what’s going on so as to identify, describe and repeat optimum patterns of learning and change.

Skillful coaching helps guide and support someone to find their own way and what works for them

These transformational approaches are profoundly life changing and life enhancing. They are key to being able to be at your best and to bring out the best in others – in your family, at work, and in everyday life in shared public space.

We’ll be offering gentle and effective questions, models and activities to explore both the stress response itself and to identify potential resources, strategies and choices that can help restore a sense of basic well-being and agency.

  • What are ‘triggers’ for stress reactions?

  • What are some of the underlying beliefs and thoughts that are contributing toa stress state?

  • What helps and what prevents a state of well being?

  • What contributes to a longer lasting sense of resilience?

  • How can wetap into ourown creative resources even in difficult moments?

This programme draws on a wide range of contemporary research and models in this field, and offers approaches with both personal and professional development in mind. It offers tools and frameworks for coaches, managers, trainers etc., as well as individuals who want to learn more about the underlying mechanisms of stress and about possible, constructive pathways to recovery and balance. 

‘Stress’ as a label for ‘survival’ patterns and meaning-making 

There are many uncertainties and events in our lives that have the potential to change our sense of what’s possible and worthwhile. We can sometimes start to lose our confidence in ourselves and in our capacity for change and growth. 

This so-called ‘stress state’ can begin to determine key aspects of our experience and choices and can come to seem ‘natural’ and ‘given’ and not necessarily subject to skillful re-patterning and enquiry.

The term ‘stress’ usually covers multiple types symptoms and experiences that have key things in common that relate to the ‘fight-flight-freeze’ reaction. There are often repetitive loops of internal dialogue and difficulties in producing clear and useful inner images. ’Stress’ responses are also held in the body in tightness or in collapse of the neuromuscular system. There is a tendency to lose connection with our own good-heartedness, lightness and strength.

This programme will primarily use models and processes from Systemic NLP and Generative Change, and will include references to Alexander Technique, Somatic Syntax, Cognitive Linguistics and other related mind-body approaches.

NB This programme is an educational workshop and is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical support with mental health issues.

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