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Biography of Jonathan Goldsmith


Jonathan is  a certified Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) Trainer, Coach and Contemporary Psychotherapist.  Jonathan works with individuals in  private practice for one to one therapy and coaching and for businesses and organisations  Jonathan works as a coach and trainer. Jonathan offers mentoring to help and guide people with their creative projects, aspirations and dreams. 

Jonathan cut his teeth in NLP training whilst assisting Judith on her Practitioner and Master Practitioner training from 2011-2013. After having met Judith while training on his first practitioner programme he went to work for PPD Learning in the Autumn of 2011, managing their events and client relations.

Out of this, a firm friendship was built between Jonathan and Judith, and they have been working together, producing and developing what their shared vision is on how to bring a systemic, heartfelt, skilful NLP into the world, ever since. 

Jonathan was a club and event producer in the 1990s, before going on to have a successful career working in hospitality. He was a Maître D' at the prestigious Wolseley Restaurant and owned and managed his own restaurant and bar in Brighton. He also might know one or two things about how to make a cocktail, having been an award winning Mixologist and designed cocktail menus for a number of Brighton’s top restaurants, clubs, hotels and cocktail bars.

Jonathan first came across NLP through a friend of his and long time assistant at PPD Learning, Dido Fisher, and he quickly became fascinated with NLP as a way of explaining how he did the things he did well. For example, he thought he was just good with customers at his restaurant, little did he know that he was actually in rapport with them and calibrating their needs!

Jonathan has been researching what it means to be creative, and has his own project Be More Creative, where he utilises his therapeutic knowledge, NLP tools and modelling skills, to help people expand enrich and explore their creativity. 

For more information on Jonathan please visit his website www.bemoreyou.co.uk

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